About Roxanne von Andrian

Roxanne von Andrian, a descendant of a well-connected large European family, is a United States citizen whose close family worked for the Romanian Government. She joined the Revolution of December 1989, which ended with the collapse of communism, and the rebirth of democracy. In 1992, Roxanne was working for the Soros Foundation for an Open Society when, in her thirties, she asked for political asylum in Paris, France, because her life was in danger. The communist party and the KGB had imprisoned her family and friends, confiscated their properties, homes, and land, and were responsible for the death and disappearance of many. Roxanne’s ancestral family is now listed at the Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance, in Sighet, Romania.

Although writing fiction is her first love, Roxanne has a Ph.D. in engineering, and an MBA from the State University of New York. She received awards for her work from companies such as GE. In addition, she is an inventor with three patents. She served as an executive and senior manager for high-level operations and quality design in the aerospace, defense, industrial, and energy sectors. She had several scientific and engineering articles published. Ann Arbor University published a book based on her Ph.D. dissertation.

Currently, Roxanne, her husband, and family live in New York State. She wakes up every day with a sense of gratitude for the country that welcomed her, pride for her two adult sons, and their accomplishments.

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